MagnoStick V.2: Digital Mini Microscope


MagnoStick V.2: Digital Mini Microscope
MagnoStick V.2: Digital Mini Microscope
MagnoStick V.2: Digital Mini Microscope
MagnoStick V.2: Digital Mini Microscope
MagnoStick V.2: Digital Mini Microscope
MagnoStick V.2: Digital Mini Microscope

Portable, Easy-to-Use & Instant Digital Uploads! 

Revolutionary Technology

No need for heavy lab equipment and technical know-how!

Easy PC/Laptop Integration:

Magnify objects up to 40X-1000X, control and analyze images on your PC instantly!

Easy to use USB Integration and DIY CD Software.


Quick and Convenient Inspection Tool!
Biology, Engineering (including hardware/microchip), Industrial SMT/SMD/DIP Inspection & more!
  • Universal Movement: Flexible ball head base, multi-angle full direction, barrier free rotation

  • LED 8 lights built-in: Brightness adjustable, fiber uniformity, soft, not dazzling

  • Built-in Camera: Take a snapshot of a magnified image instantly!


  • Master chip: Dedicated main control 24Bit DSP
  • Magnification: 100X-200X, 50X-400X, 50X-500X, 50X-600X, 800X, 1000X
  • Auxiliary light source: 8 x white LED lights
  • Digital zoom: 5 sections
  • Imaging distance: manual adjustment 10mm to the prospect
  • Support system: WIN XP / VISTA / WIN 7 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Power: USB (5V DC)
  • Dynamic frames: 30f/s
  • Illumination range: 0-30000LUX line control is adjustable


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