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 WowZone Gadgets is the ultimate innovation-based Gadget Idea-Sharing Community Platform and Online Marketplace intended to serve both Innovative Inventors/Entrepreneurs as well as Early-Adopter Consumers!



Our Concept is Simple:

1. Kickstart/Innovative entrepreneurs, many of which also work with Kickstarter and Indiegogo, submit their product ideas on our platform.

2. Our dedicated media team then tests out and features the gadget ideas we like best.

3. Those interested in joining our marketplace then applies to become a vendor through our Marketplace, where their products are now available for purchase.

4. We then showcase the ideas to the world through our Social Media Team!

5. Early-adopters get a chance to try out our innovative products at premium prices! Buyers are protected by our consumer protection policy and receive top-notch customer support from both our Media Team and the Vendors!

6. Innovative vendors can get instant market feedback and consumer response without having to invest big into crowdsourcing campaigns!


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"At WowZone, we believe in the WOW factor! "
Ever see a Gadget or Idea that just speaks to you to the very core? Ideas that truly make you life easier or more exciting? That's what we hope to achieve for all who visit us here at WowZone.
We source the latest trends and Kickstart ideas to Inspire, as well as making them available for the general public to test at affordable prices!

" Our Team Motto here at WowZone is to bring the "WOW Factor" back into Innovation! Inovation is what drives us forward, and sometimes all it takes is a small gadget to change the world! That's the drive that sparked this idea! 
Join us and nearly a hundred other kickstart entrepreneurs/vendors here as we Inspire, Create and Test new ideas in this one of a kind Social Marketplace Platform! "
- Charles & Jane
WowZone Media 


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" When a product truly excites you, it's like having Christmas everyday!


There's a New Gadget out there just for you, why not give it a try? Browsing through our Ideas is like Christmas Everyday! You'll never know what new Idea will pop up!

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Always a step ahead of the curve, we value new and innovative ideas. We love working with like-minded entrepreneurs!

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This is a community platform, where we share New Ideas and Gadgets at the Frontier of innovations!

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