Itaki® Shabuki Pot

US/Canada(110V) -white

Itaki® Shabuki Pot
Itaki® Shabuki Pot
Itaki® Shabuki Pot
Itaki® Shabuki Pot
Itaki® Shabuki Pot
Itaki® Shabuki Pot

Imagine a portable pot that cooks by itself without a stove!

From the makers of Itaki®, Shabuki Pot can cook your favourite warm soupy delights on the go! 

Get the full stove-top cooking experience in a portable pot with a mini stove already built-in! 

Make soups, stews, stir-fry, hotpot, shabu-shabu, ramen, dumplings & more away from any kitchen. Simply plug it in and channel your inner creativity!


  • Portable Cooking: No need for stoves! Small and portable, works faster than stovetops (boils in as little as 50 seconds!) 
  • Versatile & Easy: Use it to cook soups, Shabu Shabu, or even stir fry! Add fresh ingredients, plug-it-in, cooks just like a regular stove pot/pan. A steamer is available for the extra steaming experience!
  • Carry Anywhere: Cook on-the-go, in the office, classroom, hotel, or even your car (vehicles with outlets), anywhere there's a power outlet!
  • Healthy & Safe: Drop the junk food, make fresh meals that actually taste good! 
  • Heat-Proof/Plastic-Free: Exterior is thermal protected, never gets too hot! Class-304 stainless steel. Plastic-free & free of dyes! 
  • Heat-control: Like a regular stove, has low/medium and high-heat options!

Body: 304 Non-Stick Stainless Steel
Capacity: 1.2-2L
Size: 23 x 18cm (9” x 7”)
Power: 110V/220V - 250W/Universally Compatible


  • User Guide (English) & Sample Recipes
  • Condiments
  • Metal Steamer Add-on (seperate part if option selected)
  • Glass Lid (Temperature Resistant)
  • Power Cord & Plugs (Universally compatible based on country)

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