Make The Next Birthday Party A Show-Stopper!

Running out of ideas for the next Family/Friend's Birthday Party? Want to surprise your 'significant other' with something touching and meaningful?

Ponder no more! Intelli-Candle is bound to 'Light-up' your loved one's special day with a Light-show and a Happy Birthday Tune!

No need to count and light up candles one-by-one, Intelli-Candle™ does it all for you! 

How It Works:

  1. Light up the center Intelli-Candle™ with a lighter or match
  2. Once lit, the candle in the middle will start to trigger the mini candles within
  3. This is where the excitement happens, the whole candle will 'blossom' and open up to a tune while multiple pedals light-up and rotate! 

Make the next upcoming Birthday a truly Special Moment to remember! Let Intelli-Candle™ help you create lasting memories that will last you a lifetime!

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