iPureSonic Exfoliater


iPureSonic Exfoliater
iPureSonic Exfoliater
iPureSonic Exfoliater
iPureSonic Exfoliater
iPureSonic Exfoliater
iPureSonic Exfoliater
iPureSonic Exfoliater
iPureSonic Exfoliater

Is there really a secret to getting soft, smooth, baby skin? The truth is everyone already has perfect skin underneath their mask of dead skin cells!


Exfoliating acts as a way to clear up dead skin, and iPureSonic can do what no exfoliater does, it evenly removes the entire outer layer of old, dead skin! Better yet, it now comes in 2 additional skin enhancing modes!

✓  Features 3 Modes: 
  1. Deep Cleansing: Powerful ultrasonic vibrations penetrate deep into pores, removing dead skin, dirt and oil, leaving behind smooth skin.
  2. Moisturizing: This mode is meant to enhance the absorption of moisture and nutrients. Use while applying treatment allows the pores to absorb up to 80% more nutrients/moisture.
  3. Lifting: Smooth horizontal vibrations for smoothening wrinkles, stimulates collagen growth and improves circulation. This mode finishes off your routine by giving you a pink 'glow'! 
✓  Safer Alternative: Traditional scrubbers use rough edges to break into the skin, damaging the new layer underneath. The result is both ineffective and dangerous. iPureSonic uses a rounded smooth tip, and ultrasonic vibration instead of brute force! 

✓  USB Charged: No batteries necessary, comes with a built in USB charger!

✓  Professional Experience: No more patchy/blotchy scrub treatments, iPureSonic ensures the entire surface is treated smoothly. Get instant results instead of spending hours scrubbing and chemical peeling.

* Please charge for at least 4 hours prior to first use. Subsequent charges will take less than 2 hours.

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