Pediano Training Collar V. 2.0


Pediano Training Collar V. 2.0
Pediano Training Collar V. 2.0
Pediano Training Collar V. 2.0
Pediano Training Collar V. 2.0

 A quick and powerful training tool to stop hard to train dogs from disruptive barking/behaviors!

Easy to use

The collar is self-explanatory and very easy to use! 
It can be used for:
  • Training purposes 
  • Behavior deterrent to keep the dog well-behaved for special occasions
1.  Choose between 'Sound' or 'Pulse' mode
2. Training Dog Collar Recommended for dogs from 10 to 120 pound dogs
4. 72cm length adjustable PP leash from 6” to 30” , Suitable small / medium / large dogs
5. Sound Mode warning prior to the stimulation
7. Easy testing method to check the Puppy Training
8. The Bark Control Collar will self-sleep mode after 1 min of responses to help the dog relax and protection from anxiety.
 *Optional: A Remote can be included to manually control the collar from 200m away. 

Painless Training

This patented collar technology uses a powerful 2-tier system, both audible and physical, to discourage certain behaviors:

1.  Warning Beeps: Everytime barking movement dog's vocal chords are detected. For most dogs, beeping mode is enough!
2.  Vibrational Pulse: Third bark triggers quick vibrational pulse. 7 levels of intensity to choose, none of which will harm the dog in anyway.

Both 'anti-barking' and 'anti-aggression' !

The collar not only detects barking, but also rough types of play and excessive use of force from the animal, which triggers it when dogs engage in play that's a little too rough. 

Is it Safe?

This collar is designed very safe, with several protection mechanisms in place. If it is triggered continuously for more than 1 min, the collar will shutdown for several minutes. The sensitivity of the collar is also easily adjustable.

The combination of sound and pulse is especially important, as it gives your pet an opportunity to stop the negative behavior before they even feel the physical effects of the collar.This ensures your pet is only corrected for their inappropriate barking/behaviors, quicker training. It's not their fault when they misbehave, they only want to make you proud! This collar helps them learn!

*Disclaimer: Not intended on animals with pre-existing medical conditions that may be triggered by sound/and or physical contact. Whether or not this product is appropriate for your dog is purely up to the owner's own discretion and responsibility.


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