Wandlash™ Portable 'U' Curler


Wandlash™ Portable 'U' Curler
Wandlash™ Portable 'U' Curler
Wandlash™ Portable 'U' Curler

Tired of traditional eyelash curlers that are painful, ineffective and hard to use? Wandlash™ is a smarter way to get lasting curls in seconds!

Instant & Powerful Curls

Innovative thermal-control allows Wandlash™ to condition your eyelashes to a flexible state. Then gently apply to lashes with its specialized 'grooves' to give you instant curls in seconds without tweezers or contraptions!


✓  USB-Charged: No batteries, plug it into any USB/Laptop/Car port for 20 mins to recharge and it'll last you days!
✓  For All Lash Types: Designed to individually heat each eyelash, perfect for those with short or straight lashes!
  Light and Portable: Pocket-sized and portable. No more scary looking metal tweezers!
✓  Instant Lasting Curls: Curls in less than 30s! Combined use of thermal shape-molding creates longer lasting perm-like curls.
✓  Dramatic Curls: The longer you apply, the more extreme the curl, from 'S' shaped, to 'U' shaped curls, however you like!
Power Source: USB-Charged

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